November 29

CSJ Tools Summative Exercise



You are a team of editors in a national news paper in Togotan.

Your best Photographer Charlie has been assigned to cover the conflict in the neighbor country Sulatonga. It is 16. June 2011. Today you get a text message from him saying that two days ago he got involved in an incident that can have massive impact on the situation in Sulatonga. Since Charlie is in a remote area and cannot easily travel to a larger city he will send you the information he gathered via text messages. Photos he sent already via mail, he could access with the help of some soldiers when still being at the checkpoint.

Your newspaper has followed the situation in neighboring Sulatonga carefully because the situation also affects Togotan.


1. Analyse the conflict in Sulatonga using the Conflict Analysis Tools:

The triangle of violence, the Mapping, the Timeline and the Onion. Be comprehensive. For the onion choose at least three different groups involved in the conflict and try to find out their positions, interests and needs.

2. As editors it is your task to make a story out of Charlie’s information and pictures – applying the CSJ principles. Your story should be between 800 and 1000 words long and you need to choose two to four pictures to include.

SMS from Reporter

Further agreement is on the need for disarming non-official forces to minimize crime. Disagreement remains about where to place the new border, and if to give North Sulatonga independence or establish an autonomous area.

Photos from Reporter